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Elevated Alchemy podcast

Welcome to the Elevated Alchemy podcast where we discuss all things related to Transformational Healing and Higher Consciousness. Awaken your highest potential with empowering education and connect to your True Self through ancient wisdom for a modern world. Join Katrina on this transformative journey, and Stay Gold!

Aug 28, 2019

Your Dosha is your inherent constitution, or mind-body type. When in balance, our Doshas keep us in a state of perfect health; but when functioning abnormally, or out of balance, then our Doshas can cause harm and manifest into disease. Knowing yourself and recognizing an imbalance starts with awareness, which yoga cultivates. However, if you are doing the wrong style or format of yoga for your unique situation, then you can actually cause more imbalance in your Doshas. Listen in to learn how to utilize your individual yoga practice to your advantage!


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