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Elevated Alchemy podcast

Welcome to the Elevated Alchemy podcast where we discuss all things related to Transformational Healing and Higher Consciousness. Awaken your highest potential with empowering education and connect to your True Self through ancient wisdom for a modern world. Join Katrina on this transformative journey, and Stay Gold!

Jul 23, 2019

Spiritual Hygiene is just as important as our physical cleanliness for our health and wellbeing. This involves an energetic cleansing of our subtle body anatomy, our personal space, and/or our environment. Smudging is the most popular way of clearing toxic and stagnant energy, and it is said that you want to Smudge your space even more often then you dust because negative energy can accumulate. In this episode I discuss what Smudging really is and how to properly do it for the most effective cleansing and clearing purposes. You can also find more information in my blog "The Sacred Art of Smudging"  and additional resources to start your own Smudging practice here (and P.S. when you shop from my website you support the continuation of this show!). The Amazon links will give me a little kick-back at no additional cost to you, so thank you for using my links!

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