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Elevated Alchemy podcast

Welcome to the Elevated Alchemy podcast where we discuss all things related to Transformational Healing and Higher Consciousness. Awaken your highest potential with empowering education and connect to your True Self through ancient wisdom for a modern world. Join Katrina on this transformative journey, and Stay Gold!

Aug 7, 2019

Lauren Egle from Earth n Balance

Please welcome my guest Lauren Egle to the show! As a millennial herself, she has already accomplished so much as a Nurse, Naturopath, Yoga Teacher, and Master level Peruvian Shamanism training. Her path led her to listen to her heart and now she is a beacon of light for others with her business Earth n Balance located in northern Colorado. She offers several amazing resources and services, but her program The Lightworker's Path is designed to help others discover their own divine gifts and elevate their lives. Learn more at!

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